Family Card
Bob Rugo
Families from Tramonti di Sotto, Pordenone, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italia
and other families related by marriage

Included here are the families of:

Giovanni Battista Rugo and Giulia Catterina Varnerin who remained in Tramonti di Mezzo while their five children went to Dorchester, Boston, Massachusetts, USA. This is my family. The photo above shows some of them returning to visit Tramonti di Mezzo in 1927.

Giacomo Varnerin and Santa Masutti who seem to have been among the first to settle in Dorchester, Boston, Massachusetts where they built a three family house in 1893-1894 which became the destination of many families arriving from Tramonti.

Giacomo Agatone Ferroli and Giudetta Vallar who sent two sons to Dorchester. A third son died in a mining accident in Europe, but his son went to Dorchester.

Pasquale Miniutti and Angela Rugo, many of whose grandchildren went to Boston, Massachusetts and Concord, New Hampshire. These families were recorded by Albina Miniutti who died in Maine in 2006 at age 101.

Stefano Rugo and Regina Miniutti, whose daughter and son went to Concord, New Hampshire.

Paolo Battista Baret and Pazienza Rugo, whose son went to Moers, Germany. Another son and a daughter went to Boston, Massachusetts.

Although I have not always been able to find relationships among these families in Tramonti, each family is connected to the others through marriages which took place in the USA.

Some of the people included here are the families of people who married into these families.

Recently much additional information has been provided from original records secured by Daniele Salvatore whose mother-in-law, at age 103, still has her home in Tramonti di Sotto.

Living people have been excluded from this information.

Please consider this a rough draft. There are errors, omissions and some speculations included.

Any additional information, corrections or photographs which you could provide would be appreciated.

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Bob Rugo
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February, 2017
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