Rugo family photos found in Tramonti di Mezzo

Photos of Luigi Varnerin and Family

Yesterday I stumbled across some photos posted on Flickr by parrocchiedellavalmeduna which included Luigi Varnerin, the brother of Giacomo (John) Varnerin. While John settled permanently on Norfolk Avenue in Dorchester with his entire family, his brother Luigi had more family members who remained back in Tramonti di Sotto. I knew about Luigi's two sons, but did not know that he also had four daughers. The text with the photos said 

"L’uomo nella foto è Varnerin Luigi soprannominato “Padreterno”. Lui aveva quattro figlie e due figli, Angelo e Sante. Le donne nella foto sono le sorelle di Sante. La prima donna sulla sinistra è Santina, quella dopo è Lucia. L’altra è Ida e l’ultima sulla destra è Emilia. Le due piccole bambine sono le figlie di Ida. Gemma e Lucia. IL loro padre era Miniutti Pietro che è vissuto e morto a Boston.

Miniutti Pietro era il marito di Ida."

The computer translates that as

"The man in the photo is Varnerin Louis nicknamed "God Almighty". He had four daughters and two sons, Angelo and Sante. The women in the photo are the sisters of Sante. The first woman on the left is Santina, the next is Lucia. The other is Ida and the last on the right is Emilia. The two little girls are the daughters of Ida. Gemma and Lucy. The Miniutti their father was Peter who lived and died in Boston.

Miniutti Peter was the husband of Ida."



So I have been able to add four daughters and two grandchildren of Luigi to the family tree. I do not have any more information about Ida's husband Peter Miniutti who died in Boston. Does anyone  know about him?

The other photo of Luigi may include his wife, who I believe was Regina Masutti. Anyone have a thought about that?


I also found photos on the same website of Santa Masutti Varnerin's nephew, Don Giovanni Graziussi (1888-1981) 

don Graziussi a Claut  

Claut is the village where Graziussi was the priest for 14 years (1915-1929?, so perhaps age 27 to age 41 in this photo). At age 83 he retired to Tramonti di Sotto where he lived for 10 more years. I see no indication that the other people in the photo were relatives, but perhaps you recognize someone? 

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