Maddalena Rugo - Media
1904 Franklin Ct. - Piotti Pl
Emilia and Maddalena Rugo
Venice - 25 September 1927
335 Norfolk Ave. 1933
Madelena Marmai
From a group photo of women attending a Mass in the North End with priests arrived by ship from Italy, "probably 1948 or earlier" according to Robert D. Rugo, who was in the photo of the men. Photo provided by Louise Varnerin DiTullio.
Cardinal Cushing (ca 1950s)
"Possibly taken at Lake Street, in early 50's.
L to R: Edith Rugo Monafo, Maddelena Rugo Marmai, Cardinal Cushing, Caterina Volante (my grandmother), Anna Rugo Volante, Catherine Volante (Marsden), unidentified woman."

Peter Volante
Maddalena Marmai citizen
Maddalena Rugo Marmai